The 2018 European Jewish Community Leaders’ Survey Infographics - Galia infographics
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The 2018 European Jewish Community Leaders’ Survey Infographics

Print Design, Infographic design
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The 2018 Survey of European Jewish Community Leaders and Professionals, presents the results of an online survey offered in 10 languages and administered to 893 respondents in 29 countries. Conducted every three years using the same format, the survey seeks to identify trends and their evolution in time. The survey addressed important topics for the European Jewish Community, such as Anti-semitism, Security & Safety, InterMarriage and more.

Our work was carried out in cooperation with theDirector of Research & Evaluation of JDC Europe, Marcelo Dimentstein. In our process, we first had to take the full report in all it’a content and distill it into its most concise essence, portraying it in a visual, approachable and appealing way.  The task was both challenging and fascinating, and reminder us of why we love infographics so much.


“Using infographics to present the main findings of our research proved to be a crucial decision. For us it was a fantastic tool to disseminate the findings among different stakeholders, including the survey respondents. Moreover, the infographics were a key piece during the session in which we presented the survey’s findings. There, participants were encouraged to rely on the infographics as a means to generate discussions and reflections about the findings and future actions to take. We were not looking for just a “graphic designer” but someone who could walk us through the data and suggest smart graphic solutions. Totally different to what a “normal” graphic designer would do. And we found this in Galia. I Will recommend to others without any doubt, and am looking forward to working with Galia infographics again in the future! We are extremely satisfied with your work!”
Marcelo Dimentstein, Director of Research & Evaluation, JDC Europe

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