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Presentation Design for all businesses

Millions of presentations are created around the world every day, in many cases they miss their mark. Have you Received an opportunity to present your idea, Brand or product? Than you want people to really listen. The goal is to create a presentation that matters. Since 2012, I have the honor of creating powerful and inspiring presentations for large and small companies, early-stage entrepreneurs, and international corporations.

In my work process I use a variety of skills that I have acquired over the years; Infographics, Typography, Graphic Design, Copywriting, User Experience, Image Editing and more. In every project my main objectives are always: 1.To create a presentation that leaves its mark, that conveys the message effectively 2. To create a presentation that enriches it’s brand / product and redefines the way it is perceived by it’s target audience. I am committed to working with my customers and make sure that all of the project’s objectives are realized. I accompany my clients beginning with the initial concept stage and continuing all the way to a final delivery of the design.

Professional Presentations


Your presentation needs to keep a high quality and professionalism, whether it’s purpose is presenting a creative idea, portraying an academic work, conducting an internal staff meeting, demonstrating reports or closing the deal of the century.
The visibility of your presentation is of utmost importance. In the right hands it can serve as an amazing tool for sharing your ideas and vision. My passion is telling your story in the best visual way and taking it to the next level.



Many clients contact me while already having a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation that they labored on for hours. They want to bring it to it’s highest visual performance and yet maintaining it’s current format allowing any necessary changes or updates at any given moment, often by other staff members too. This is where I come in and upgrade it while leaving it’s components editable; Graphs, charts, titles, text, etc. All elements are accessible to the customer in it’s preferable and familiar software.



As an Infographics freak, I’m aware of the powerful effect an Infographic element has compared to text or image. I take dull textual content and I give it a makeover. I give it structure with different types of charts, I break it down to it’s correct hierarchies and I divide it between slides to create a proper,pleasant flow. The infographics transformation of content prevents the reader’s understandable reluctance when facing blocks of content and it allows the audience to read your story and really understand it.