It is almost impossible to understand / analyse large amounts of information when using text only. Infographics is about providing a visual and immediate explanation of data.

Having large amounts of content, we want to display and clarify it immediately, infographic is a highly effective visual tool for promoting content. As various trends in the graphic design world come and go, infographic is here to stay and is a tool for illustrating and disseminating information and it only keeps gaining momentum.
for any purpose
Big and small companies use infographic for branding, “educating” their audience and optimizing their search engine rankings.
Infographic can be interactive and animative, it can be humorous and interesting, it can be innovative and revolutionary, Infographic can excite us and drive us to action.
is life 😁
I always begin my work with a thorough study of content, reading and understanding it to its smallest details, organizing and creating a correct order, finding patterns and Interesting structures that can be visualized.
This work requires precision and order along with outstanding creativity and solutions. The workflow is a fascinating process that ultimately results in a powerful design that presents its data in the most convenient and accessible way for its users.

Complex, illustrated, interactive infographic for print and digital.

Full support in the process, research, concept, content characterisation and design.

Editable Powerpoint presentations, for business, pitch, conferences and more.

Design for all types of documents; whitePaper, Case studies, surveys, reports etc.

Detailed answers to important questions
Over 12 years of experience designing infographics and presentations, I worked as a designer in Calcalist’s infographic department for 4 years. I have had the honor, over the years, to work on projects for large and small companies in various industries. I have extensive experience in assembling a winning team for each project according to its requirements. The studio dominates all design media: digital, print, social networks, branding and identity, marketing and business materials, animation, interactive and more.
In order to price and schedule our project and create a quota document for you, I would love to meet you for an introductory meeting (we have some good coffee) so that I can understand the scope and objectives of the project. Our quotes are comprehensive and detailed and include all the information needed for full transparency and coordination with our customers.

It is important for us to maintain complete transparency and align expectations with you, so we make sure to create comprehensive and detailed quotes. In the quotation, we expand on information about each stage of the work process, what products are included in the proposal, the formats of each product, and what are the terms and conditions contained in the proposal, what materials are needed for us to get started and what is the expected timeline up until the end products.

We are always true to the deadline and schedule we have set, our studio works very fast and with zero compromise on the quality of deliverables. We like to work with full transparency and cooperation with you. Client’s presence, engagement and responsiveness in the process has a supreme value and direct impact on the deliverables. When it comes to our first project together it is important to remember that there is a considerable amount of time devoted to getting to know each other and learn to work together.