Instagram Marketing Strategy Presentation Design for Bidalgo

An Instagram advertising partner
A presentation made for Peleg Israeli, a senior manager at Bidalgo, describing the story of Bidalgo as a senior Instagram partner engaged in Instagram advertising in since its beta stages. Bidalgo has been providing its customers with high-quality users acquisition for years.
Bidalgo was in the picture right from the beginning of Instagram becoming a relevant arena for user acquisition and with the team’s skills, Bidalgo has been able to achieve even higher results on Instagram than on Facebook. Bidalgo’s method to success is enabled by cracking the creative DNA behind any given platform.
About the project
The presentation shows the main principles of Instagram marketing, and key conclusions drawn from the company’s long and in-depth experience in the field.
In the design process, it was important for us to preserve the spirit of the Bidalgo brand and at the same time, to create an atmosphere that draws on the imagery world of Instagram.