Infographics design for Check Point

A survey infographics
As part of a constant work to improve Check Point services, regular surveys are sent to customers, providing insight into customer experience, business needs and how to maintain a high level of satisfaction. The goal of the project was to visually and attractively present the survey results and highlight the key message: There is a significant and continuous improvement in the overall customer experience, especially with regard to Check Point solutions. The document presents Check Point’s tools and services for readers who are not yet familiar to it. The infographics was published on the Check Point site blog and sent to customers as part of a newsletter.
About the process
During our work process, we held a number of meetings with the Check Point team, where we reviewed the survey results and data and together, chose the most important and important parts for which we want to create infographics. We drafted the document design based on the final list of main points, taking into account the guidelines of the Check Point brand and adjusting it to the desired formats: e-mail newsletter pdf and the website blog for desktop and mobile.