Pitch deck design for investors, eTribez

About eTribez
We were asked to design a presentation for eTribez, a leading digital solutions provider in the entertainment industry. Its purpose was to recruit new investors. The presentation focused on the success of the business model and the company’s future projections. As part of this project, we worked with the eTribez team to develop the most appropriate and effective flow. In our work we researched the market, the competitors and potential audiences for investment.
About the project
In addition to creating the best structure for our presentation, it was important for us to characterize a template that would allow eTribez team members to edit and modulate and add / remove slides according to the ever-changing needs of their growing company. In this way, it was possible to continuously update content according to the objectives and the company’s growth. For the sake of modulation, we also created a stock of retrievable slides and graphical elements to use when creating new slides; icons, graphs, etc.