Food Tech conference presentation design for Shir Halpern

How food tech is going to change us
An illustrated infographic presentation talking about sustainability, made for use at the annual technology and Food Conference in Tel aviv. Sustainability is a burning issue that is gaining global consciousness each day.
We would like to believe that we can continue our current ways to which we have become accustomed, but we begin to realize how inevitable change and development is. We need to change our production and food habits in order for the earth and humanity to survive.

About the project

In this project we created an infographic presentation for Shir Halpern – founder of the Tel Aviv farmers market, the port market and of MakeEat, a personage in the field of sustainability, agriculture and food technology.
The presentation served as a visual background, reinforcing the speaker and presenting the pressing issues in the field of sustainability and food technology, what the future holds for us, and how vastly the way we consume our food will change.