Presentation design for HP indigo

About HP Indigo
Indigo, a global division of HP, is engaged in the production of the most advanced and innovative digital printing machines in the world. In this project, we designed a presentation which aims to familiarize customers with the Indigo division and present its innovative digital printing abilities, developed by a talented, creative team. Showing how Indigo’s services can empower a brand, with endless features and benefits.
The main concept
A main visual for the project, which required conceptualisation, was the many benefits HP Indigo has to offer to its clients; highest quality products, on-demand performance, uniqueness, customization, emotional value to the target audience, innovation and non-stop creativity.
The presentation was built and designed in Powerpoint to enable an editable document for the Indigo team members to use at any given time. In this way, it is also possible to continually update and expand content according to objectives and with consideration of the constant innovation of the HP Indigo technology.