GaliaInfographics Projects

My goal in each project is to create full characterisation of its goals and Maximise its messages accessibility.
I am committed to the work, ensuring that all project goals are met. I accompany my clients from research and concept all the weay up to the final deliverables.

Sustainability conference presentation
Sustainability is a burning issue that is growing Global awareness every day. The way we eat or consume our food is bound to change in the not too distant future.
We’d all like to believe that we can continue our old ways to which we have become accustomed, but as we begin to realize how much change and innovation are needed in order for humanity and earth to survive …
WhitePaper infographics
A document aimed to present Check Point’s tools and services to readers who are not yet familiar with it. The infographic was published on the Check Point site blog and sent to customers as part of a newsletter.
During the work process we held several meetings, where we reviewed the the survey results and decided on the most important details, for which we will create graphic representation. The design was based on the final list, taking into account brand guidelines and desired formats.