OECD recommendation infographics and document design

About the Project

In this project we were asked to create a summary document (a two-pager) for the OECD policy recommendations report, issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and managed by the Insights team – an initiative that promotes much-needed connections between organizations and their communities.
Infographics for a green city model
This document was produced as part of a series of measures to promote real actions and goals in the transition to a low-carbon economy and to improve the quality of life in Israel. The product is a beautiful example of the way in which infographics can present complex and multi-message content – all of high importance, efficiently. In the work process, together with the Insights team we worked on formulating an optimal document characterisation, utilising the format to its maximum. On the first page we decided to illustrate with infographics the current environmental situation and its impact on the future in Israel. On the second page, we demonstrated the three main fields for recommended actions, presented on a green city model representing an ideal future destination for cities in Israel.