Leket Israel City Model Presentation Design

The Wandering Presentation
The presentation was designed for use in various conferences around the world. The content of the presentation shows the story behind the Leket organization and shows how its comprehensive, precise activity model enables it to be assimilated in every municipal structure on the globe for the benefit of saving food. The presentation shows important topics such as: Serving meals to at-risk youth and senior citizens, nutrition education and more, Leket Israel CEO, Gidi Kroch, was the presentor of the story of Leket, at important international conferences such as: Hungry for Change, Philadelphia – a US and Israeli nutritional security strategies and Rehabilitation and the annual conference of Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, held that year in Tel Aviv.

About the process

The heart of the project dealt with illustrating the Leket City Model. The success of the model is based on defining clear roles for each municipal stakeholder group; volunteers, corporations, hotels, military and police, and other various municipal bodies, all with one goal – saving food and transferring it to groups in need within the city; retirees, at-risk youth, soup houses, etc. In the design process, we made sure to maximize the advantages of Powerpoint and produced a tool that best serves the data presentation within the assigned time frame. Another important goal of the project was to create a template document that allows work from any computer owned by a team member for easy editing and use by the entire staff.