Presentation design for Microsoft Accelerators

Creating the ultimate tool
After a long period of the Microsoft accelerator activity (Now Microsoft for Startups), a need arose for a tool that can tell the story behind the group’s creation, to staff members around the world.
A PowerPoint presentation was the ultimate solution for creating such a tool. Enabling regular modulation and updates by various team members.

The design included the creation of main slides with a flow that tells the story. In addition to the main slides, we also created “pull-out” slides for when needed, slides such as: activity model, the startup life cycle, different programs’ structure, success stories, schedules and processes.
We also created a repository of graphical elements for use when creating new slides (icons, graphs, number data, etc.).
A presentation with a Long life expectancy
This is how we made sure that every team member was equipped and ready for any presentation, whether it was for newly joined startups or new recruits.

The presentation’s visual design was made to carefully maintain the Microsoft Brand Guidelines, and also provided a visual representation of the team’s important characteristics – the uniqueness, originality and innovation of the staff.