Business pitch deck design, Nogamy

Identity presentation design
An investor presentation design for Nogamy, one of the leading Bi and Big Data companies in Israel. The presentation was designed as part of a rebranding project under the management of Orenso Studio . Nogamy is a long-standing and leading company in the field, and the need for a new image has arisen due to the dynamic character of the company, which is reflected in the transfering of its staff’s knowledge, through conferences, lectures, blogs, YouTube videos and social networks.
About the project
The presentation was made to convey the company’s operations, goals, work processes, staff, customers from various sectors and all the tools and services it offers. The presentation was built and designed in PowerPoint to allow for templating and editing the document at any given time. This way, a Nogamy’s team member, anytime, anywhere in the world, can customize the presentation slides to their needs, update information and change content according to the audience to whom the presentation is addressed.