Millions of presentations are shown around the world each day, in many cases they miss their mark. Did you get a chance to present your idea, brand or product?
You want people to listen, you want a valuable presentation that will truly address the goals and needs of your audience

Since 2012 , I produce inspirational presentations as a powerful tool for companies big and small, entrepreneurs, educators and international corporations.

In my work process I utilise a variety of my skills; Production, Content Characterisation, Infographics, Typography, User Psychology, Illustration and more...

My goal is to create a markable presentation conveying its messages with outmost efficiency, enriching and redefining the way it is perceived by its audience.

Proffesional presentation
Your presentation must maintain quality and be professional, whether it is for submitting a creative idea, an academic work, internal team meet-ups, presenting reports or the meeting that will close the deal of the century.
The visibility of your presentation is paramount. In the right hands, it can serve as an amazing tool for sharing your ideas and vision. My passion is to tell your story in the best visual way, taking it to the next level.
Many customers contact me when they already have a Powerpoint / Keynote presentation after hours of hard work. They want to bring it to the highest visual level,
while keeping it in its existing format that allows editing at any given time, sometimes by various staff members. This is where I enter the project and upgrade the existing presentation while maintaining its editable components. Charts, titles, text, etc. remain editable and accessible to the customer.
As an infographics freak, I am aware of its visual power versus text or image elements. I take boring, literal content and I give it a complete makeover.
I decompose and reassemble it into the correct hierarchies and create a proper division between slides for a better flow and accessibility. The content’s infographic makeover prevents the reader’s reluctance to face blocks of content and allows him to really listen and understand your story.
“Presentations play a key role in conveying messages. And to think almost everyone has Powerpoint on their computer allowing to produce such powerful tools!”
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