Waste strategy document infographics and Design

About the Project

In this project we worked with the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the creation of a document presenting the Ministry’s new waste management strategy. The document and its infographics were made to present the ministry’s vision: promoting the Israeli economy and meeting the goal of moving from 80% landfilling (as of 2020) to 20% landfilling in 2030, Allowing Israel’s economy, by 2050, to switch from a linear economy to a circular economy – striving for minimum waste and maximum resources efficiency.
Infographics as the basis for data display
The main purpose of our work process was to make the data accessible to a diverse target audience: MKs and decision makers, journalists and influencers, as well as the general public – it was important to us that any type of reader could easily navigate within the document without any required background. Therefore, it was clear to us that the most appropriate solution is infographics, allowing for an engaging, relatable presentation of data. With the help of infographic elements we created accessibility to complex ideas such as: What is a circular economy versus a linear one? What is the composition of waste in Israel and what are the main types of waste in which the new strategy focuses on? What will the municipal waste treatment process look like in 2030 compared to today? And more.